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Leadership Principles Book Cover
ISW Curriculum volumes I and II

Grace for Addictions: $25

A One Step Program is 13 lessons on how to be free from addictions.  If you can be addicted to alcohol or drugs, you can be addicted to the Truth of God's Word. Once you are addicted to His Truth, you remain free forever.

Institute of Self-Worth Volume I & II: $40

The Institute of Self-Worth is a Bible School on DVD taught by Pastor Vic Porter. Each volume has a disc for the printed notes and a signed diploma for those that finish the course.

Curriculum bundle

Borrowed Offenses (Book)$12

Offenses are Satan's #1 weapon against the saved and unsaved.  If you've been offended, are offended, or making plans for being offended, you need to read Borrowed Offenses.

Grace for Addictions curriculum

Leadership Principles: $12

Pastor Vic's newest book, Leadership Principles Series 1.

The Bundle$100

Our Bundle Package includes all the curriculum and the book Borrowed Offenses.  This is a savings of $27 over individual prices.  

My Cup Runs Over: $25

Living a Life of Refreshment is 18, 15 to 18 minute sessions designed for Sunday School, home Bible studies, rehabilitation programs, and personal study.  Topics include Borrowed Offenses, Healing the Broken Hearted, and Your Identity Produces Your Self Worth.

Grace for Addictions curriculum

Online orders can be purchased through PayPal ​(no charge for shipping).  Mail orders are accepted and will be processed once we receive your check.  Make checks payable to Vic Porter Ministries and mail them to P. O. Box 2068, Nixa, MO, 65714.

flash drive containing ISW Curriculum

Flash Drive: $25

Our flash drives contain all of Volume I, Volume II, and Grace for Addictions

Borrowed Offenses book